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Ayurveda Head Massage

An Indian Head Massage is given with the client sitting in a comfortable chair throughout the treatment. There is no need to remove clothing although it should be noted that a cotton top or T-shirt is probably the most comfortable thing to be wearing. Some clients prefer to remove their top to prevent any oil staining.

The treatment normally begins with a deep kneading and probing of the neck and shoulder muscles. It is similar to Osteopathy but with no crunching or cracking of joints. The head is then worked with the scalp being squeezed, rubbed, gently tapped and prodded. The hair is briskly tussled and gently combed. Pressure points are gently worked on and the ears are tugged and pressed. Lastly the practitioner moves to the face, working with acupressure points to help relieve any sinus pressure, stimulate the circulation and increase alertness. The face is also very gently stroked.

The benefits of this massage include; alleviation of stress, stimulations the lymphatic system, stimulates hair growth, improves concentration and relieves migraine pain.


"Now back in wintry North Germany, I am warmed by memories of my recent trip to India. Although my visit was short, my experience at Ashiyana was deeply gratifying. I had the good luck to be able to attend a few "drop-in" yoga classes with Chris. Not so much the style of yoga, but the gentle instruction, assistance, and friendly atmosphere, all conducive to relaxation of body, mind and soul, supporting the process of opening up and gaining more body awareness, have left a lasting impression on me. I find myself, without any conscious prompting, correcting my posture (i.e., tucking my chin in or imagining the invisible cord at the top of my head (!)). And this only after 3 sessions! Thank you again, Chris! The beneficial results of this yoga experience have inspired me to begin a regular class here. Who knows, maybe I will become a yoga teacher as well and visit you as a guest trainer in a few years !!! This ambition just oozes with delightful energy ! May your beautiful vision gracefully blossom to reality ! ~Deborah"
Deborah Anne Hauer

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