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Welcome to Ashiyana Goa

We gladly welcome you during the upcoming season from 1 October 2014 - 30 April 2015 

Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village is located on the beautiful and unspoiled Mandrem Beach in the very north of Goa. Set amidst abundant, tropical flora and fauna, it has been designed as a deeply nurturing space where you can relax your body, calm your mind, and awaken to your inner peace of being.

You can stay with us on one of our Retreats, Yoga Holidays or Yoga Teacher Trainings and Modules. Alternatively join us for Yoga Classes and Workshops at the drop-in centre if you are staying in the area. 

Relax and unwind in our beautiful Spa and Treatment Centre with Goa’s only “natural swimming pool” and steam bath.

Ancient Wisdom for Joyful Living”

The Ancient wisdom is about truly relaxing, and sensing the depth of your being as you observe and experience the outer world. When you relax deeply, you realize your essential nature - your inner peace of being. When you perceive the outer world from this state of peace, you are not troubled or disturbed. 

Joyful living then flows from the experience of being at ease and free of mental and physical tension. 

This, in essence, is the heart and soul of drop all tension, such that the depth of you is revealed. Ashiyana is a Hindi word meaning home or place of rest, thus alluding to this relaxed, tension-free state.

We look forward to greeting you at Ashiyana. 

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"I cannot believe that we are already halfway through April, and I came to stay with you guys at Christmas-seems so much more recently at that. I just wanted to catch you before the end of the season and let you know that I am still feeling the benefits of my 3 and a half weeks at Ashiyana. No yoga that I have practiced since my stay has come close, and I really appreciate the nurturing lessons with your teachers. I did at the time, of course, but so much that I learned has stayed with me. I'd love to come again… it makes me happy to think that I will. I have been truly captured by the ashiyana magic-it is so potent that it will carry me along for time to come, I am sure. All my very best to those that are still there"
Sarah, UK

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