Raj Luxury

Save up to 33% on some yoga holidays and detox retreats* when you book your trip as a perk through our crowdfunding campaign this September!
e.g.: Spend £1,200 and get a 10 day Urban Antidote Retreat in a Raj Luxury worth £1,700
Full details of all the available perks can be found by following the link below:



The Raj area of Ashiyana is located at the far end of the Palm Grove and is fronted on two sides by the tranquil Mandrem River. Some of the Raj rooms are within the Ashiyana Villa, which was built on the site of the original (fisherman) owner's storehouse, the others are situated between an inlet of the Mandrem River and the rice paddy at the back of the property. We have five magnificent luxury suites with stunning views. All of the Raj rooms are organically-shaped with antique Rajasthani furniture, sumptuous soft furnishings and air-conditioning. No two rooms are the same, each having its individual charm and magnificent view from windows and balcony.

Raj Luxury rooms prices include airport transfers and one 60-minute massage in our spa per guest (minimum 3-night stay).


* If you wish to book your stay with us by using a perk, please email our bookings team (ashiyana@ashiyana.com) with your requested dates to check availability.  We will reserve your requested dates (subject to availability) for 48 hours whilst you purchase the relevant perk.  Please then forward your Indiegogo receipt confirmation email to us to proceed with your reservation.