We have a fabulous collective of experienced and inspiring guest yoga teachers from around the world. Drawing on a wide range of backgrounds and methods, they all have a deep respect for the power of yoga. Dedicated to the practice, they are committed to sharing their knowledge with students of all levels.

The teachers for our drop-in yoga classes will vary according to who is with us at any particular time. There are normally at least four teachers during any one week and we frequently run, at short notice, workshops focusing on a specific style or aspect of the asana practice.

Please contact us if you would like to know who will be teaching during your visit.



Alicia holds an Advanced 500 hours qualification, teaching Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga, Gentle Yoga and Yoga for Children. She creates classes adapted to the individuals/group needs - from beginners to advanced students. 

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Arianne is fascinated by the beautiful system that is our body/mind. All that we are, the ultimate communication source for spatial poetry, and yet the best thermometer for our body weather forecast.
Her classes are best described as luscious, caring yin with a hint of free flow in her more dynamic sessions.  

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Charlotte came into yoga over eight years ago whilst working in the city within a very stressful environment and she soon realised the benefit it had to her both physically and mentally. Charlotte does not like to compartmentalise her yoga practice; for her it is about deep introspection, moving creatively with flow, and exploring the power of the breath. 

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Chris N

Chris is the founder of Ashiyana.  His primary interest is Jnana Yoga, or knowing oneself at depth. It is this quest for depth of experience, which underlies the philosophy of Ashiyana – the invitation to come home to your own inner sense of peace.

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Chris S

To me, yoga is a never-ending journey of self-realization and celebration. I spend a lot of time connecting with nature as an avid trekker and professional scuba diver. I find that yoga is a great way to experience, embrace, and celebrate the connection between ourselves and the world that surrounds us, stomping our feet in time with our inner heartbeat.

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Gary sees asana, deep breathing, mindfulness and a positive attitude as medicine for modern life; a way to connect to one's true self, the planet we live on and all living things.

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German bred and a yogic nomad since 2012, Imken works internationally as a Yoga teacher and Craniosacral therapist. Her summers are spent in Sweden, the winters in India, with regular visits to the UK, Germany and Norway.  Imken’s main interest lies in sharing her ongoing exploration of opening up, softening, finding ways into relaxing body and mind, and through that, finding ways to reconnect to an essentially healthy and happy self.

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Lalita created the hugely popular Ecstatic Shake Sessions at Ashiyana.  She is passionate about inspiring people to realise their own transformations. Her intention for all of her classes and retreats is to inspire free movement and to ignite the shake in everyone. She wishes that we may all reclaim our innate wildness and weirdness, and reconnect with our bodies, so that we can live more harmoniously within ourselves, with others and with this beautiful planet that we live upon.

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Prashant has been a regular fixture at Ashiyana Yoga Centre, having taught some of the morning Iyengar-based classes there for over five years. Prashant contributes a rich and varied experience of yoga and Indian heritage to the beautiful community of international teachers and guests at Ashiyana.


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Tapashi offers Yoga classes as well as sessions of Mantra chanting & meditation. She brings the wisdom of her ancestors into her classes in a way that is accessible to the modern body and mind.

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Tobie T

Tobie is also a keen student and practitioner of many types of bodywork and pain relief techniques. He is heavily influenced by Dynamic & Osteo-thai massage (Davide Lutt/Takis/Pichet), Chi Nei Tsang (Leigh Blyth) & Fascial Release (Robert Schleip/Jo Alison).  Whilst he sees Asana as a powerful mental and physical therapeutic tool, he believes strongly in the balance that can be obtained through a well-rounded Yoga practice. 

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