Basic Thai Massage with Krishnataki

In this 10-day retreat course we offer a life changing experience for many, as we have seen over the past ten years. We are teaching the basic Thai Massage technique with 7 hours of daily theory, demonstration and practice. We are also teaching yoga, chi gong and meditation to bring awareness and flexibility into the massage. Through this, we are guiding people to believe that they can touch others, that they can be touched and that they have inside of them the potential to help others heal.

We go on an intense spiritual journey of self-discovery during this course, which enables us to see in others that which we see in helps and thus ourselves, us to overcome difficulties and face the obstacles that are in our paths in our daily lives. Krishnataki has over 10 years’ experience in leading people to reach this healing light within. He has developed a very fluid and precise massage technique, which often looks like he is dancing and he has the ability to simply teach it to others.

Our TEACHING is inspired by the Dhamma and instruction of two Thai massage masters Chayuth and Pichet of Northern Thailand, as well as the teachings of Asokananda and the beautiful combination of YOGA, THAI MASSAGE, VIPASSANA and METTA. True Thai massage cannot exist without this melting pot of healing ingredients.

Our focus on this course is to HEAL OURSELVES on the path to helping others heal. We call on a variety of techniques (Yogic, Taoist, and Sufi) to help connect to our deeper, higher selves in order to ignite the spiritual healing flame. We also focus on the nutritional aspect of food, which can be the simplest of ways to nurture us on a daily basis.

The course offers a PRACTICAL TRAINING on the Art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. We travel, day by day, from the feet to the head with daily demonstrations, theory and practice time. Our courses usually have many assistants, both Greek and from other countries, who bring colors and diversity to the practice, some of whom are fellow teachers of the Sunshine Network.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate of attendance from the International Society of Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine Network) is awarded.

The course is open for complete beginners, repeaters and advanced students, as well as bodyworkers of other therapies. All the classes are in English.

We usually recommend that the students new to Thai Yoga Massage practice on as many people as possible (average around 50) – close friends and family before making it a means to earn a living. Although the true, traditional practice of Thai massage was, always donation based. With practice, experience and heightened sensitivity the massage goes deeper and awareness of different bodies helps us develop our intuitive touch.

Daily Rhythm

07.30-09.30: Meditation&Yoga
09.30-11.00: Hearty Breakfast
11.00-14.00: Thai Massage session 1
14.00-16:00: Lunch & Siesta
16.00-19.00: Thai Massage session 2
19.15-20.15: Dinner
20.30-21.30: Metta Meditation & Bhajans / extra activities


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