Ashiyana Team posted on 22 March 2019


We would like to share our congratulations to the new teachers who recently completed the March 2019 Ashiyana 200hr YTT!   As always, it is such a humbling experience to share this month with people from all walks of life. Four weeks may not seem like a long time but so much can happen in these intensive immersions; laughter, tears, commitment, challenge and joy. So much change in fact that some who did not think they would teach are now inspired to share what they love – and that is all that we could ask for.

We like to see the Ashiyana Yoga Teacher Training as a journey. It is not about learning a dogma, nor a particular style or sequence; it is about connecting deeply to yourself. Observing and questioning all aspects of life, from movement to breath, inner and outer dialogue, and our ability to be content with what is.   Whilst we use yoga practices, this training is an invitation to dive inside and find out what moves you as an individual. And then to learn, practice, and explore ways in which we can share this. 

On the 17th February, 21 people from ten different home countries, with age ranges spanning five decades, and of varying levels of ‘yoga’ experience, came together at our tropical ‘home away from home’, Ashiyana Retreat, Goa

The Opening Ceremony, blessed by a Hindu Puja, marked the beginning of four intense but highly rewarding weeks where our Teacher Trainees were fully immersed in all aspects of Yoga.

In addition to numerous hours of physical practice, the students attended lectures, workshops and Asana Labs each day, learning about Hatha, Yin/Yang and Vinyasa practice styles; Alignment and Adjustment techniques, Class Sequencing; Teaching to Teach; Pranayama; Anatomy & Physiology; Yogic History & Philosophy; Sanskrit; Meditation and much, much more.

Great emphasis was given to ensure our students were able to create loving, nurturing and safe classes, with due consideration for the main class components of: breath awareness; how to warm up the body; presence; stillness; sequencing of postures; and, of course, the final savasana relaxation.  Equipped with this understanding, we encouraged our students to be creative and explore their own way of teaching.

We endeavour to create a space for our students to get creative and fully express their inner selves.  We chanted together. We learnt how to give delicious massages to each other in savasana. We learnt the symbolism of altars and we created beautiful flower mandalas and art. We practiced, dined, laughed, cried, shared, connected and grew together. 

We spent periods of time in contemplation. Breakfast each morning was enjoyed in silence, to give our students time for reflection and assimilation from the morning practice.  When you eat mindfully, without distraction from conversation, it is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and respect every little detail of the food that you are eating, and the environment that you are in; the texture of the papaya… the sweetness of the fresh pineapple juice… the crunch of the homemade muesli… the exotic sounds of the birds above… the warmth of the morning sun on your skin… Just Bliss!


Four wonderful weeks together that we will never forget. A vibrant melody of like-minded souls, teachers, friends and family that will forever more be a part of each of our stories.  

We are so proud of these new teachers for choosing to embark on this wonderfully transformational experience, and for stepping into this next chapter of their lives. We are so grateful for their commitment, their openness, their strength and their uniqueness, and we are so honoured that they chose to be with us at Ashiyana Yoga School for this journey.

We welcome you to the Ashiyana Family, Graduates of Ashiyana 200hr YTT March 2019, and hope to hear from you soon!

Are you interested to join us for our next 200hr YTT?

Upcoming dates: 6th October – 3rd November 2019

Applications are now open

We offer two subsidised places for each 200hr Yoga Teacher Training as a part of our Scholarship Program, where we support individuals that dream about becoming a yoga teacher but cannot afford the cost of the training programme.

Find out more about our Subsidised Teacher Training Scholarship here.

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