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Ashiyana Team posted on 11 June 2019

Namaste to our wonderful friends and family,

Each year you ask us where you can practice with our teachers outside of Ashiyana during the summer months.

Whilst our Goa Retreat is now closed for monsoon, and our new Brazil Retreat is only a few months away from opening (we are so excited!), our lovely teachers disperse far and wide to continue spreading the Ashiyana love through their passion for Yoga.

We are very happy to share the whereabouts of our much-loved Ashiyana Teachers during these upcoming months, until we are back together again when we open for the beginning of two incredible new seasons in tropical paradise(s!).

We wish everyone an amazing summer ahead, and look forward to welcoming many of you back with us again very soon.

With love,

The Ashiyana Family xx 

Alicia & Didier

Last September, the world became even brighter when Alicia and Didier became incredible parents to a beautiful baby girl, Anaïs.  Having been very busy loving and guiding her through the first magical few months of her life, Alicia and Didier are now ready to hit the road once again, this time as a wonderful family of three.  They will spend the summer in Europe between Spain and Portugal, and then head to our new Retreat in Alto Paraíso, Brazil for the first few months, to be amongst the first few teachers there

Yoga & Gentle Detox Retreat in Nature
June 22nd - 29th  
Málaga, Spain
A week in Los Alcorconales Natural Park.  Take time to disconnect from daily life, detox your body & mind, connect with nature, enjoy healing foods, yoga and natural treatments. 

Detox Yoga Retreat
May to September
Vinhais, North Portugal 
A spacious & zen home in a Natural Park at the mountains of North Portugal, tailored programs with yoga, detox, health yorganic food and healing therapies like ozone, bodywork etc. - limited spaces!

Immerse Yourself in Nature
September to November
Alto Paraiso, Brazil
One of the first teachers to hold a yoga retreat at Ashiyana’s new location in Brazil!!!!! Alto Paraíso is a very special place with exceptional bio-diversity, and its bedrock of crystals interwoven with rivers and waterfalls creates spectacular walks and bike rides.

For more info and to stay in touch with Alicia and Didier:

Website: /


Having just spent the last few months at Ashiyana Goa giving restorative massages, teaching joyful yoga classes and taking stunning photos at the beach, Anne-Lauren headed on to Mexico to teach her annual retreat in May.  This summer she will then be heading to Italy, in the terrific area of Cinque Terre.

Reconnect to yourself and nature with sun, sup, yoga and you!
August 15th - 19th
Cinque Terre, Italy
An extremely special opportunity in magical land, tucked away between vineyards and the Mediterranean Sea.  Farm to table food, Rejuvenating Spa, Sea breezes, Yoga & Meditation, journal and personal growth workshops, lots of sweet adventures on land and in water. (Spots are filling up so contact ASAP if you’re interested)

For more info and to stay in touch with Anne Lauren:



Arianne will be spending her summer travelling around Europe to teach yoga.  She will be in The Netherlands in June, teaching classes, yoga nidra and healing treatments, before heading to Denmark, Spain and Malta to share her knowledge in workshops and retreats.  For those who cannot follow her around the world, join her on the internet for her online yoga nidra classes.

Sound of Silence
July 22
nd – 28th
Alcoleja, Spain
Arianne and Tapashi are joining hands to bring you on a meditative journey across mantras, movement and sound-healing. The yoga sessions are energetic, fluid and meditative held in a beautiful airy dome studio with natural light. Join Arianne and Tapashi in Alcoleja (between Alicante and Valencia) in the east coast of Spain, amidst the spectacular mountain ranges of Aitana.

Rise & Shine
August 16th -18th 
Hilversum, near Amsterdam, Netherlands
A weekend retreat about rituals and traditions with Arianne & Jenny Schoenman 
Ad hoc-treatments are also available.

Radical Rest
September 6th – 15th 
Alcoleja, Spain 
A 10-day retreat for a deep transformational rest through yoga nidra, sound healing, water therapy and dream yoga / lucid dreaming.

Online Yoga Nidra
Throughout the whole summer starting from June
17.00 CET
Join Arianne for online sessions of Yoga Nidra, let her voice guide you through the Nidra practice. Every first Sunday of the month at 17:00 CET time, check her website for details on how to join.

For more info and to stay in touch with Arianne:



Tobie will be in the UK this summer – while waiting for a stork to deliver him and his partner Charlotte a new baby.  As always, he will keep sharing his valuable knowledge in yoga and anatomy to his students.

Mindful Flow Class at Space yoga
June onwards, every Friday
Brighton, United Kingdom
An interactive exploration of some of our morphological variations, observing how they affect movement, and then influence our approach to practicing, teaching and adjusting.

For more info and to stay in touch with Tobie:



Lalita has been shaking and dancing her way through the winter at Ashiyana Goa, helping people to liberate their energy, release their stress and reminding them how to let go. She is now back in the UK and headed next to Turkey, still dancing, still shaking and still reconnecting with her inner child.

Women’s Embodied Awakening Retreat in the Elements
September 24th -30
Fethiye, Turkey
Women have been gathering together in Circles and Ceremony since the beginning of time - to support one another, share their stories and their wisdom.  Join Lalita and Malaika Darville for a juicy week of sisterhood - in connection with each other and with nature.

For more info and to stay in touch with Lalita:



Prashant is back on another European tour, travelling and teaching across a number of European countries throughout this summer. He has already been to Switzerland and France, and from yoga festivals to workshops he’s next hitting Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

Yoga Workshops
June - August
Prashant will be running different retreats in Germany across Ravensburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kiel and Berlin.

Terschelling Yoga Festival 
June 20th – 27th  
Terschelling, Netherlands 
Prashant will be a lead teacher at the Terschelling Yoga Festival – sharing love and knowledge in his true Ashiyana style.

Borderland Music and Arts Festival,
23rd to 28th July 
Boesdal Kalkbrud. Denmark
Borderland is a festival with no tickets where hugs are the only currency.  Prashant will be teaching yoga classes here for a week not based on capitalism.

For more info and to stay in touch with Prashant:


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