Welcome to our 2017-18 Season

Tobie T posted on 30 September 2017

Stop - just for a moment. 

Just stop.
Sit or stand a little taller.  At the end of your next exhale hold your breath out for a moment. 
Then, as you close your eyes breathe in fully and hold the breath in for ten beats of your heart.
Welcome home.  
Home being wherever you lay your H e A r T.
Easy words that reflect a lesson sometimes learnt the hard way; and that is not to say that hard is 'bad', because sometimes those lessons are the ones best remembered.
How many times have I banged my head, pushing to achieve or complete something? Caught myself competing with myself or others over some trivial matter,  even yoga? How long before I realised that I had an ego, let alone that it could sometimes push a little too strongly?
Ashiyana was created out of these questions.  The simple observation that by sitting in nature and that by giving oneself time to feel the body and breathe the air a more peaceful perspective may emerge.  Allowing one to more easily accept what is and what is not.  To realign oneself with the unchanging nature that flows within us all. 
Add some lush food to the menu and the word can seem like a different place :0)
The beauty can so often be found in the contrast.  So if slowing down feels like a good adjunct to the pace of your life, then we hope to offer and share those deep, luxurious moments of peace and tranquility that resonate within our Goan family.  
As the rain dissipates and we welcome in a new season, we send a warm hug to all our family, staff and guests alike.  A family that grows every year; not only in number but also in unity.  Whether we have the pleasure to see you in the coming months or not, we wish you all the best.
And if you got this far, perhaps give yourself one more present with another moment of pure presence.
Feel your breath. 
Close your eyes and enjoy :)
- Tobie T

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