Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

Ashiyana Team posted on 16 July 2015

Confessions of a yoga teacher.

This morning I did not want to practice. I was stiff, slow, bloated and tired.

My leggings were too tight, my body wasn't happy and my hamstrings were screaming at the mere thought of a forward bend.

I started to move, unkindly. I felt clumsy. Useless. Old. Heavy.

My inner dialogue was brutal:

"My body is rubbish, what's the point?!"

I decided I was not good enough to practice today. Not worthy of my yoga.

I was about to stop and give up before the day even began.

And then I remembered what it is that we are doing when we practice yoga: seeing things as they are, and generating wholehearted compassion for ourselves - most of all when it doesn't come easily.

This is the reality: some days it doesn't feel good. Sometimes life doesn't feel good.

But the shapes don't matter. The practice is to show up and meet yourself EXACTLY where you are, with love, patience and acceptance. This is the beauty of the practice - be who you are on (and off) the mat and accept every cell, every thought, every ache, every tear with just as much love as when everything flows beautifully...

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