Five reasons you should experience yoga teacher training in India

Ashiyana Team posted on 30 October 2014

Colourful, chaotic and captivating, India has captured the collective imagination of the world with its rich cultural and spiritual legacy. In fact, ask anyone from around the globe what they associate India with, and the word 'yoga' will pop up very high on the list. The centuries-old philosophy of mental, physical and spiritual practices that has put India on the global map is however, more than just a wellness fad. Yoga is a way of life that has been practiced in India from pre-vedic times. To simplify things, Yoga is a rejuvenating detox for the body, mind and the soul. And if you are looking to embrace a simple, holistic and fulfilling lifestyle, then yoga training is the answer for you. And what better way to learn it than in the birthplace of Yoga - India!

That's where Ashiyana Retreat Village in Goa, India comes into the picture! Here are five reasons why you should experience this yoga teacher training in the beautiful coastal paradise of Goa at least once in a lifetime!

5. Yoga helps you discover and love your body!:

We live in crazy times, always in a rush to keep up with the fast-paced world. But in the rat race, there's someone you are neglecting the most -you, and your body! Yoga helps you slow down, take a deep breath and discover that your body is a wonderful temple that you need to love and respect. Yoga helps you learn new things about your own body... You learn to communicate with it, listen to it and understand how the way you live, eat and drink affects it. With regular yoga practice, you no longer feel lethargic, your energy levels soar and you are filled with an overall sense of well-being. Undergoing your yoga teacher training in India is an unmatched experience. Being the birthplace of yoga, India is home to centuries-old teaching methodology that is still being practiced. While often in the West, yoga has caught on more as a modern fad than as a way of life, at Ashiyana Retreat Village in Goa, you can discover the beauty of a yoga life in the most authentic way possible.

4. Yoga helps you open up your mind!:

Our minds are so full of clutter and chaos that often, we can't even hear our own thoughts! Learning yoga in a serene location like Ashiyana Retreat Village in Goa, far removed from your home, helps you leave all your mental and emotional baggage behind and start a new journey of self discovery. Learning yoga helps you keep your mind still and empty out all the thoughts, good, bad or ugly. Your mind becomes a vacuum and you experience clarity. Following the yoga way of life lets you live in the present, enjoy the moment and feel carefree. And when you are undergoing yoga teacher training in a beautiful location like Ashiyana in Goa, it's easy to say goodbye to all your stress and welcome peace into your life.

3. Yoga will help you keep calm!:

As human beings, we are all victims of vices like desire, wrath, greed, pride, lust and more. We want everything that we set our eyes and heart on, and then, we want some more! We are always stressed out, angry and full of mental conflict. Our egos get the better of us at every point  of our lives. Learning yoga is a solution to keeping calm and controlling your mind. The stretching practices, breathing exercises and the element of meditation during yoga training relaxes your body, mind and soul and relieves you of unwanted stress and anxiety. You learn to control your temper, rise above your ego and lead a humble existence, content with the beautiful life you have been given! This task is made even simpler when you find yourself in a serene and tranquil location like the Ashiyana Retreat Village in Goa. Nestled in the lap of Mother Nature in this coastal paradise, you feel even more connected with your surroundings and your inner self.

2. Yoga helps you meet like minded people!:

Once you set out on a journey of self-discovery, it's nice to have a whole bunch of travellers with you, who are experiencing the same things as you are. People from all over the world come to India, seeking to find their inner selves and rejuvenate their bodies and minds. And when you are at a yoga teacher training like Ashiyana Retreat Village, where people from across the globe gather to undergo yoga teacher training, you get to cross paths with like minded souls, listen to their stories and share your experiences with each other.

1. Yoga training helps you experience an ashram lifestyle:

There is something about waking up early to start your yoga practice and being greeted by chirping birds, cheery sunshine and the lush green goodness of Mother Nature in a coastal paradise in India. The ashram culture helps you lead a healthy life of discipline and simplicity. 'Ashiyana' in Hindi translates into 'beautiful dwelling or home' and like its name suggests, the Ashiyana Retreat Village is a beautiful getaway in the tranquil settings of Mandrem, Goa. The eco-friendly resort designed to make you feel one with nature, has the Mandrem River gently flowing through the vicinity, even as the sight and sound of the beach nearby enchants the trainees. Apart from the airy and eco-friendly lodgings that brings the freshness of the outdoors into your lives, the simple yet scrumptious organic, vegetarian cuisine will leave you feeling satisfied, nourished and happy.

If this doesn't convince you to take up yoga teacher training in Goa, we don't know what will! So, go on and make your next trip to Goa, a Yoga-licious one! Contact Ashiyana Retreat Village for more details.

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