Is yoga teacher training worth it?

Ashiyana Team posted on 04 December 2014

If you are a yoga enthusiast, who always wondered about why Ashiyana's yoga teacher training programme is all the rage, then we have the answers for you. For starters, we will let you in on the biggest secret - yoga teacher training is not just for those want to teach yoga, but it is apt for everyone! Yes, that's right. We at Ashiyana Yoga will give you the top five reasons why we think it's a good idea for you to sign up for yoga teacher training.

1. Perfect your asanas:

A regular yoga class will no doubt, start from the basics and teach you the asanas, step-by-step. But it's only when you undergo a yoga teacher training, will you understand the meaning and depth of each yoga pose. Most teacher training programmes will break down the alignment of each asana and teach you hands-on adjustments for each pose. This will eventually lead you to perfect your asanas and master them in a way you never could before, whether you are a yoga practitioner, a teacher who is lacking direction and clarity or someone who is completely new to yoga.

2. Get intensive:

A teacher-training programme will ensure you follow an intensive and comprehensive yoga regime in order to help you start living yoga before you can even think of teaching yoga.  You end up practicing yoga a lot more with these teacher training programmes, which will urge you to try new poses and asanas you've never tried before. A teacher training programme is just what you need to push the envelope and challenge your body and mind. It is not necessary that you go on to teach yoga after the course. The training inspires you to be more of yourself - authentic, confident, loving, clear, and flowing with life.

3. Go deep:

With yoga teacher training, the knowledge of yoga goes way deeper than just superficial learning. The focus is not just on the physical asanas, but the other components of yoga, including the history, and the philosophical aspects of it. With a regular yoga training, even if your teacher offers explanation of other aspects of yoga, you might not be able to fully grasp it, as you are still learning the physical side of yoga. The duration of teacher training programmes are often longer and there is a strong emphasis on deepening your understanding of the traditional practice by going deep and answering all your questions. But more than anything, yoga teacher training encourages you to ask questions and learn more about your own inner self.

4. Become confident:

Yoga teacher teaching builds your self-confidence tremendously. Regardless of whether you choose to become a professional teacher or not, when you are training to be a teacher, you are taught to address a class, speak confidently, highlight your strengths and speak with clarity and grace. You meet other like-minded people who come to these teacher training programmes with the same mindset as you. And together, you conquer the training challenges together. This way, you will also align yourself with these individuals who will support you on your journey as you learn how to apply your new knowledge to your life.

5. Teachers are better students:

It's a known fact that only when you study something with the intention of sharing your knowledge do you absorb it on a much deeper and meaningful level. When you learn to teach at yoga teacher training, you grow to be more passionate, dynamic and zealous about this ancient practice. With every new thing that you learn to teach, you evolve as a student too. And this hunger to know more about something you love is just what you need to make your yoga way of  life more fulfilling, holistic and blissful.

If you want to experience this and learn yoga like you have never known it before, you can check out Ashiyana Yoga's popular teacher training programs at

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