Ashiyana Brazil

A couple of hundred kilometres north of Brasilia in Brazil, in the state of Goiás, is a divine little hide-away known as 'Alto Paraíso' (High Paradise).  Here you will find our new Retreat, set amidst a lush, tropical forest rich with some of the most diverse flora and fauna on the planet.  The Retreat is built on a hillside that enjoys daylong sunshine, and spectacular views overlooking the confluence of two rivers which can be heard meandering through the valley below.

Alto Paraíso is a very special place.  It has an unassuming air, an understated beauty, and Mother Nature’s healing embrace is palpable in the air.  It is a truly unique spot with exceptional bio-diversity, and its bedrock of crystals interwoven with rivers and waterfalls creates spectacular walks and bike rides.

Our doors will be open to receive you from September 1st 2019.

our vision

At the end of our first season in Goa, in April 2007, Chris Nelson, the founder of Ashiyana Goa, was told about a hidden, little gem in the high plains of Brazil. What particularly caught his attention was the name – ‘High Paradise’, and it was this that inspired the vision for a second Retreat.  Three months later, he visited and fell in love with the place, and bought 21Ha of land with the intention of opening a sister retreat to Ashiyana Goa. 

There are two parts to the land, the first is densely forested, as cattle have not been grazing there since 2003, and the second part was a cattle-trodden pastureland.  The first part will be our retreat land, and the second is being developed as an agro-forestry project that will also support social projects.  Ashiyana Brazil is our expression of how a business can be a force for good through creating a virtuous loop of sustainability, based upon 3 Rs:

  • RELAXATION – The intention of the Retreat

  • REHABILITATION – Social projects around addiction

  • REFORESTATION – Restore pasturelands to their former, verdant glory

Ashiyana is a Hindi word meaning home, and it is precisely this sense of feeling at home that we wish to recreate in High Paradise.