Cedric Reynard

Born surrounded by mountains in Valais, Switzerland, Cedric initially assuaged his search for adventure by climbing, skiing and snowboarding. A natural passion for teaching lead him to the federal patent snow sports.

It was only later during his first trip to Asia in the '90s that he discovered a real attraction for water through surfing in Indonesia. In the same time he learned yoga in Bali and Australia.

Following that experience he joined yoga teacher training courses and workshops in India since 2009 in various traditions such as Hatha, Asthanga Vinyasa and Iyengar. He has been teaching in Europe and India since, and of late, his interest and passion has been studying and practising the therapeutic side of Yoga.

Cedric is an instructor and expert for both international organisations ISA and IOSUP. He has been running Waterwalk India SUP & Surf camp with his wife, Tapashi, since 2014. 

Today "water and yoga" are part of his life.