Daniell Alnuma

Daniell will be teaching Tazrimim - a dance created and taught by Daniell. Tazrimim (flux or flowing in Hebrew) recalls the Arabic "Taksime", a word used in music to signify the act of improvising, or in other words, modulating the musical flux. As such, dancing is the modulation of the flux that is passing through the dancing body, including the emotional flux that gives the dramatic intensity to the dance.

From the same point of view one can say that classic dance tends to gather the flux vertically, contemporary dance tends to spread it horizontally, oriental dance tends to bring it back to a movable and circular interior that encompasses the surrounding.
This dance is at the crossroads of these three kinds.

Tazrimim is a quest for centered, laudatory and liquid dance. While preserving a tonic presence, and through her observations of movements in the nature and undersea life, Daniell develops her personal features such as the exploration of the potentiality for each part of the body to be independent and to readjust them in a fluid movement.