Didier Fernandes

Didier is a Functional Natural Medicine Practitioner, Gerson Resident & Nurse Specialist, acknowledge Holistic Therapist, Yogi, Spiritual practitioner, Fasting & Detox Clinician trained by today's leading experts and top Integrative Medicine Doctors.

He was also blessed with the opportunity to learn ancient knowledge and be initiated in Shamanic, Native American & Tibetan Buddhist practices, which serves as a strong pillar for his journey through the mystery of life.

Didier offers private consultancy in Gerson Therapy and Metabolic Functional Medicine, Clinical Water Fasting & Natural Cancer Therapy, using food as medicine, fasting and self-responsibility for clients and patients who seek ways to detox, cleanse and recover optimal health.

Didier, alongside his Yogi life partner, Alicia, and their baby girl, offers transformational retreats and inspiring lectures around the world.  He supports people to take full responsibility for their own health, giving guidance on following a conscious, meaningful path in life.  His knowledge and multidimensional approaches are offered in sacred space, where healing, trust, surrender and reconnection with the inner self can happen, allowing deep processes and lifestyle changes to manifest on all dimensions of being.

Ashiyana Teacher Therapist Retreat Leaders Alicia and Didier