Discovering the YOUniverse

Experience focusing on how the practice of Asana and moving energy more fluidly through your body and breath can help you transform your life. Sometimes when energy becomes troublesome it shows us where we are resisting. We will explore traditional methods to bring focused awareness and help us synchronise ourselves with our own inner harmony that allows us to break through.

Deep listening is that quality that lets us know where these edges of resistance are, so that we can gently start to become curious to where we can safely go and still explore the limits to go deeper. Sharpening our senses through this form of listening to our inner Nadam can help us find the doorway to our highest potential.

"Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” - B.K.S Iyengar


Klara is a Jivamukti teacher based in Paris. Dancing since the age of five, she was always fascinated by the physical body & movement she completed her education at the Hungarian Dance Academy in classical ballet in Budapest and continued to work as a professional dancer. Then in early 2013 she tried Jivamukti Yoga in Munich which was a transformational discovery in which she happily remains immersed. By May 2014, she completed her teacher training in New York, with Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon and David Life, under the mentorship of Giselle Mari. Since returning, Klara has been steadily engaging classes around different studios in Paris and feels blessed to be able to teach she equally sees it as an opportunity to serve, share and learn.

Finding an honest space through intelligent sequencing is what yoga represent for her. Creating a deeper connection with the present moment and allowing ourselves to pause to reflect is what fascinates her. Feeling the moment in it’s depth to create a transformation.


"All of these practices lead us to the realisation that this physical vehicle is "just that", to carry the eternal spirit , which is the eternal piece that is life itself, and we all have that, all living things have it , the question is how do we recognise that we are all the same? How to honour myself the same way as I honour all living beings around? We all do the best we can while we are here “

 Daily schedule

  • 7am - Meditation
  • 8am  - Asana practice with music and chanting
  • 10am - Daily brunch  (filtered water, hot lemon ginger and India masala chai is available at any time

Afternoons are free time for:

  • Beaches of Goa
  • Holistic and massage treatments
  • Afternoon market
  • Discover the local village life
  • Possibility of morning dolphin boat tour
  • Paddle boarding & surfing
  • One afternoon off ;) you know you need it!
  • Night market- fun fun fun )
  • Restorative/ workshops on allignment, postures/ sunset yoga/meditation


  • DEPARTURE DAY: 25th of MArch 2017