Embrace your Nature - Yoga & Ayurveda Self-Care Retreat

Anne and Diana invite you at the birthplace of Yoga & Ayurveda for their Radical Self Care Retreat. Meet us March 3 to 10 2019 in Ashiyana,  a beautiful retreat place and wellness center dedicated to Yoga & Ayurveda in the peaceful beach village of Mandrem in quiet North Goa. 

Join in on a full week journey dedicated to those who want a deeply nurturing time to nourish their whole being and take care of themselves on all levels.

In 8 days, you'll learn whole new ways of taking care of yourself, finding out more about your constitution (think of it as your DNA from an Ayurvedic perspective), your rhythms, and how to find greater balance in all layers of your being.

Through this journey :

Your body will experience greater balance through the practice of yoga, eating delicious healthy meals daily, attuning your circadian rhythm, and indulging in the various ayurvedic massages and treatments offered in the Ashiyana spa.

Your energy level will be restored through better sleep and rest, spending time in Nature and charging up on Vitamin Sea and D, the effects of dynamic and restorative practices that are meant balance your energy level.

Your mind will feel rested and refreshed and more peaceful during this week of disconnect from the business of life, city noise, social media, and worldy worries, as well as powerful daily practices of pranayama and meditation on the beach.

You will access deeper wisdom and learn ways to apply to your daily life.

You will experience a deeper connection with the deeper part of yourself and the means to realign your life the way you really want.

Ashiyana is the perfect environment for relaxing me-time. Located in one of Goa's most quiet beach, this lush back to the roots oasis is an invitation to switch off and slow down.
We loved that.
We're so excited to come back and share with you this special place.
We're sure you'll enjoy the lovely wooden accommodations, the top-notch quality of the ayurvedic treatment center, the pleasure of practicing outdoors in airy yoga shalas nestled among palm trees. the wooden bridge that crosses over the river to reach the white sandy beach where we'll hold our sunrise and sunset meditations, the clear blue waters of the Arabian sea, the swims, and the long walks, the naps in the hammocks, and the massages by expert therapists... A little heaven indeed. 


We will share with you daily the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda from a modern perspective. Simple and powerful principles and practices that you can apply to your daily life for greater sense of balance and ease. 
Anne & Diana both have been studying these systems profoundly and love to share the profound insights they can reveal to us on practical and philosophical levels.

Mornings will be dedicated to breath work, meditation and dynamic asana practice to open you up and re-energize you.

Afternoons will end with some gentle yin or restorative yoga, contemplation & meditation, yoga nidra, sound healing and rituals, to let go of tensions and nurture yourself deeply.


Ashiyana has an on-site spa and ayurvedic treatment center with a doctor that we love, and an amazing staff of expert therapists.
We advise you to take advantage of your time at Ashiyana to book extra consultations and treatments and really pamper yourself during your stay, Whether you want to completely unwind, be more serious about enhancing your current level of wellbeing, or address specific symptoms or health issues. 
However we do not recommend to combine the retreat with one of the detox programs offered by Ashiyana. If this is something you're interested in doing, we advise you add a few extra days to your stay just for that.

* Please note : All bookings need to be made directly with Ashiyana and be paid in cash with the spa manager upon arrival. Treatment costs are NOT included in the retreat price.


Food in Ashiyana is mainly vegetarian and prepared freshly daily with care and love. 
Brunch will be served buffet-style right after our morning practice and will be composed of juices and smoothies,  fresh fruits, yogurt, home-made muesli, eggs.
Dinner will be served after sunset buffet-style and offers everyday different combinations of salads and curries and delicious deserts too.


You will have ample time in afternoons to discover the area and take in the surrounding beauty. Whether you choose to rest by the natural swimming pool or in one of the garden's hammocks and day beds, take a long walk on the beach, try kite-surfing or visit a nearby colorful market. And of course leaving you time to enjoy the various Ayurvedic treatments offered at Ashiyana.


At this time of the year, South India offers a wonderful escape from the cold and rainy days of winters.
Ashiyana, located in quiet North Goa is the perfect green, sunny and luxuriant environment for a profoundly relaxing me-time by the beach.

Located in one of Goa's most beautiful and unspoiled beach,. Ashiyana offers a perfect balance between the serenity and shade of a coconut palm grove, bordered by the enchanting Mandrem River, and the warm waters of the Arabian Sea.


We offer several room categories for this retreat, please add on your preferred selection to your basic booking if you wish to upgrade to one of the more luxurious options, or if you wish to request a priority option for a single room, in the case one opens up.

Eco Lodges

The eco lodges are 2 floored wooden houses split into two separate rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, one on each floor.  Both rooms comfortably sleep up two people in a double bed or two twin beds.  Each storey has its own spacious balcony with daybed and magnificent views of the palm grove at the front.  The lodges have a distinctly 'Indonesian' feel, with beautiful silk drapes.

Palm Grove

-- Sold out -- 
These luxury eco-lodges, tree-houses and stone-built houses are set amidst lush tropical gardens, among statues and water fountains. Their design blends in tastefully classical Indian design, Indonesian vibe, with natural fabrics and antique furniture. 

Raj Double 

-- 1 room left -- 
The two Raj rooms we selected are located at the far end of the palm grove and are fronted on two sides by the tranquil Mandrem River. They have large double beds, day beds, en-suite bathrooms and A/C.

The Little Dome is a unique room perfect for couples with a domed ceiling, skylight and characterful dark pink walls. It has an outside balcony area, with comfortable day bed, overlooking the rice paddy behind the restaurant.  

The Moon Villa is a stand-alone circular building flooded with natural light and an attractive balcony overlooking the river. It comes with a large double bed and double day bed on the lower floor, and a single day bed on the mezzanine level, with an en-suite shower room..