Embrace Yourself – A Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

Ashiyana is the perfect environment for relaxing me-time. Located in one of Goa's most quietest beaches, this lush, back-to-the-roots oasis is an invitation to switch off and slow down.
We love that.

In this relaxed atmosphere, we will share with you daily the ancient wisdom of yoga and ayurveda from a modern perspective. Simple and powerful principles and practices that you can apply to your daily life for greater sense of balance and ease. We both have been studying these systems profoundly and love to share the profound insights they can reveal to us on practical and philosophical levels.


This week will be a healing  journey through the lens of the koshas, the 5 layers of our being. We will work gradually every day on clearing and rebalancing body, mind and energy.

Mornings will be dedicated to breath work, meditation and dynamic asana practice to open you up and re-energize you.

The day will end with some gentle yin or restorative yoga, contemplation & meditation, yoga nidra, sound healing and rituals, to let go of tensions and nurture yourself deeply.