As one year ends and another begins, this retreat is a time and place for you to regenerate and nurture yourself in the company of gentle and warm hearted people.  A time to return to your breath, to your nature, to your body, sensations and feelings.

You can relax and enjoy being guided by Louka Leppard, through a series of meditations in postural alignment, breathing, energetic streaming, conscious touch and massage.

The schedule is light and not goal oriented. There are two 90 minute classes each day, one before brunch and one after, one in which you receive and one in which you give.

Your early mornings, afternoons and evenings are free to walk on the beach, take some sun and roll around in the waves.

If you would like more structure in your day, there are optional afternoon yoga classes included.

You are welcome to come alone, with a friend or with your partner.