Justine Rowan

Justine is a qualified yoga teacher with 16 years of dedicated practice and eight years of full-time teaching experience. She teaches dynamic, alignment-focused hatha yoga classes for all levels. She also specialises in restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Justine teaches classes with clear, precise alignment instruction and breath awareness to awaken the physical body and mindful presence. Her aim is for students to practice asana safely and confidently in a progressive way, adjusted to individual needs.  She creates a calm and focused space where students can enjoy exploring the poses with full effort, whilst also opening to the inner experience of yoga, cultivating a sense of physical and mental integration and equanimity.  Justine encourages this by skillfully relating the philosophical and psychological teachings of yoga to what we do on the mat and to daily life in a down-to-earth, lighthearted way.  Students say they leave her classes feeling physically energised, centred and joyful.

Further details at www.rowanyoga.com