Leadership from your Feminine Core

This trip is exactly for you if you are:

  • A woman
  • Believing there must be ‘other ways’ in Life
  • Wanting to contribute to new ways in Society and the World
  • Wishing to get closer to your inner core and path
  • Experiencing leadership issues in your daily life
  • Recognizing that body and soul work best when they are connected
  • Feeling something missing inside
  • Finding it challenging to be ‘your whole Self’
  • Experiencing imbalance between The Masculine and The Feminine within you as well as around you

No prior experience is needed to participate – all you need is an open mind and curiosity to live a more conscious, mindful life as a woman, ‘taking charge’ of your life in a whole new way.

On this path you:

  • want a deeper knowledge about yoga
  • know instinctively that you body can do so much more – you just have to know where to start
  • feel an urge to more conscious ‘being’ through daily meditation and mindfulness

On this retreat we will be working on a deeper level of insights in both mind & body. You will experience a unique combination of yoga, meditation and self-development with the aim to add new dimensions to your personal life as well as your professional life.

During at least 24 intensive hours of workshops, you will – besides learning intensive yoga and mindfulness techniques – also become aware of:

  • Your Collective history and culture
  • Your Biology
  • Your Communication
  • Your Inner Leader
  • Your Feminine Essence

 The retreat is organised by Birgitte Baadegaard & Jette Blok: www.baadegaard.dk & www.jetteblok.dk and is held in Danish.

Birgitte will guide you through the different workshop themes during the afternoon.
Jette will meet you on the yogamat every morning.