Marco Bartolomeo - Lead Teacher

Marco is Italian, and grew up in Munich (Germany).  He has been connected to sports and their meditative aspects his whole life.  Starting from an early age playing soccer, Marco played for a professional team until the age of 18.

After finishing his professional formation as an industrial clerk, he worked for over 10 years in Sales and Consultancy. Realising he was existing more as a “human doing” rather than a “human being”, he decided to no longer be a part of the corporate business world, and stepped out of his comfort zone to find his true self. This event guided him eventually to his first Thai Yoga Massage Course in the jungle of northern Thailand, where he studied with several teachers, diving deeper into the world of Yoga & Massage. Fascinated by the art of ancient healing touch, he travelled to San Diego (CA), to study Holistic Health, Bodywork, Yoga & Qi Gong.

Fusing them all together, he developed his own style of bodywork healing therapy called “Soul in Touch” that he loves to share. His way of teaching Yoga is a unique blend of Hatha Vinyasa, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, following a spiritual approach to allow the inner teacher to become alive. Marco supports each of his students to get inspired by their own presence, and unite the softness (feminine energy) with the strength (masculine energy) that we all have within us.

He discovered early that connecting people again to themselves and to their natural being will be his Life Mission.

Today Marco is a Holistic Health Professional, a Bodyworker & Yoga Teacher, offering classes, workshops and trainings around the globe.  He is committed to being a life long spiritual student, exploring himself in the holistic field day by day and serving his community.

Yamuna Devi

Yamuna has been immersed in Yoga for most of her life. She grew up in a Yogi family with an Indian father & an English mother who taught her everything about Spirituality & India. Her mother is a Yoga teacher who studied with Iyengar and spent many years in India.

In 2007 Yamuna gave up her life as a professional dancer to train as a Yoga Teacher. She qualified as a Yoga teacher with 'Teach Yoga' Hatha yoga (200 hours) through an 18 month course in London, and then trained to become a Acroyoga teacher in Greece.  She then went on to do her Level Two to become a Lunar Immersion Teacher.

Yamuna has been sharing Yoga & Acroyoga internationally since 2008 till today. She has worked in Yoga studios & Retreat Centres worldwide offering Workshops, Retreats, Yoga Classes & Yoga Teacher Trainings. She loves to draw upon her experiences of healing arts & Yoga. She is deeply passionate about her work and being a part of the healing journey for all of her students.

Her soft & gentle approach will guide you through your practice so that you can flow with Love, Devotion & Surrender. She loves to include circle ceremonies, partner flow with therapeutic flying & Thai massage as part of her trainings and workshops. Yamuna is also a qualified & experienced therapist, offering a deep tissue modality called “ Alchemy of Touch”.  She often gives sessions during her retreats & trainings and loves to offer Healing Touch to bring peace and compassion to her clients.

Yamuna will be a part of the morning and evening Yoga teaching Team, offering her wisdom to help prepare us for the bodywork practice day, as well as helping us to unwind in the evening with Yin Yoga.  She will be also bringing her knowledge of over 10 years of Thai Massage practice into the course and helps to create a safe environment for every student.

Tobie Tomkinson

Tobie came to Yoga in London in the early 2000s. A keen rugby player and athlete, he gained a BSc in Psychology and went on to run a construction firm for many years. This led him to Yoga when looking for relief from chronic back pain.

Through Yoga he was also introduced to Thai massage and instantly fell in love with the modality. Finding a beautiful synergy between the two art forms he now practices, treats and teaches, predominantly in England and India.

A part of the 200 hour Teacher Training Team at Ashiyana since 2012, he more recently set up an additional Yin Teacher Training, which continues the dive into the psycho-physical connections that underlie movement and stillness. He particularly enjoys exploring the body and its anatomical and physiological systems; observing how they interact with each other, how we react to them, and how they link to the life-force which animates us.

Tobie will share some Yin classes to explore these connections with an invitation to notice the never ending relationship between the Koshas; from body, to breath, to mind, to soul. This principle is also something that influences his bodywork.

Whilst on the outside we appear to be palpating and stretching skin, muscles, fascia, and other soft tissues, the truth is that none of us are just skin and bone; we must appreciate and tune into the subtler forms of energy that flow through us. As a therapist we do not make the change, we just create a space in which the receiver allows the change to happen.

Soul in Touch Thai Yoga Bodywork Course