One-to-One Classes


A private yoga session is a unique opportunity to work one-to-one with one of our experienced yoga teachers. You get the undivided attention of the teacher and unlimited postural correction, asana adjustment, breath awareness and meditation throughout the class.

These sessions are great if you are new to yoga or if you wish to go deeper into your existing practice. Our teachers can explain various yoga practices in a safe environment suited to your needs. This will in turn help you to get the most out of the group classes.  



Even if you have never done meditation before, you will learn some simple ways to incorporate this powerful spiritual practice into your life. Meditation has enormous benefits for the body, mind and spirit, from releasing body tension to gaining more clarity about your life path.

Lean more about meditation and go deeper into the practice one-to-one with your teacher. During the session you will learn about various meditation techniques and find the one that is right for you.


PRIVATE PRANAYAMA (Breath control)

Pranayama originates from two Sanskrit words; ‘Prana’ and ‘Ayam’ which roughly translate as ‘Life Force’ and ‘Extension/Control’ respectively. Taken as one of the limbs from Patanjali´s Yoga Sutras, its importance is extensive within all Yogic practices.

Well known to be beneficial in treating a range of stress related orders by balancing the autonomic system, practitioners may also find that the practice can help to balance the mind.

Within a session we will explore the full breath (many people ´under-breathe`) to maximize our exposure to the ´Life-force` and then look at one of the many specific techniques depending on your desires.

Holistic Yoga Therapy (HYT)

Holistic Yoga Therapy is the signature treatment that we offer at Ashiyana. With one-to-one yoga-based therapy sessions, the client can gain a deeper understanding of their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and work with the therapist to create a bespoke practice to take away. This is a great opportunity to progress along the yogic path in the traditional way that yoga was taught in the Indian ashrams.
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