Relaxed Yoga Retreat - Nurture, Restore, Energize, Reeelax

Upon waking up each day my first words to my heart always are “Tell me all your news of love.”   - Hafiz

Join me on a journey of softly unwinding out of stress, tension, tightness, and perhaps some pain; flowing gradually and gently into more open-ness, moving body as much or as little as needed, to find your very personal way into deeper relaxation, as well as building physical and mental strength and clarity. 

This week is all about exploring what it is that you need/ need no longer - most probably both - and it’s completely up to you how deeply you allow yourself to fall into the often unknown joy of a soft, spontaneous, yet guided yoga practice.

It will get musical at times with live guitar at hand, as well as plenty of eclectic sounds and, of course, nourishment through silence will be also there to support.

All are welcome, including complete beginners. If you are able to attend a few yoga classes before, even better.

We will take each morning and afternoon class in it’s own stride, and include challenges and requirements that show up on the day - with an open schedule & mind, to inspire our daily practice.



We’ll have yoga twice daily (one class on arrival & departure day), each around 1.5 – 2 hours long.

Some classes will be more active and flowing (Sama yoga), others more relaxed and slow (Yin / Restorative inspired).  Meditation will also be offered.

Wednesday & Friday afternoons are free to rest, for self-practice or excursions.



The ones of you familiar with my style know it’s not about accomplishing the umptiest push-up, which of course has its benefits also (and yes, we will get to them too), but more importantly about finding ways to relax & open body thus mind gently, to become aware of precious jewels of sensations, richness of feelings & emotions - and to access, generate and re-establish our inherent flow of vital energy - so we can rest in an ocean of calmness, home-cooked spaciousness and internal happiness, as well as being able to appreciate the benefits arising from challenges more effortlessly.



In between all that yoga you’ll have plenty of time to swing in a hammock; read a book; stroll down the vast, white, sandy beaches of Mandrem; float in the ocean; make new friends whilst paddle-boarding; explore neighboring towns & markets; enjoying a concert or jamming session offered in the beach cafes nearby; perhaps a night out for a 5rhythms dance under the ‘Banyon Tree’; or simply none of that but to reeeelax.



A rich and delicious offering of daily brunch & dinner buffet will please your belly - with plenty of fresh fruit & veg and a fusion of Continental/ Indian/ Nepalese cuisine.

Herbal teas & fresh water are available around the clock.  All water is filtered, including that for cooking.



A great variety of treatments are available at Ashiyana’s beautiful in-house Spa with adjacent natural water pool. Treatments range from Ayurvedic Consultations and Treatments, a great variety of Massages, Craniosacral Therapy, Rebirthing, and much more.

(Please note that during the retreat I won’t be offering Craniosacral or Chi Nei Tsang sessions but other practitioners will)



2 daily Yoga Classes (except Wed & Friday afternoon)

7 nights accommodation

2 large brunch & dinner buffets daily

Tea & fresh water around the clock

Evening activities (chanting, meditation, massage)

Beach & natural pool use



Flights and transfers from/ to airport

Spa treatments

Extra activities



The closest airport is Goa Dabolim International Airport (GOI) , 1- 1 ½ hours by taxi 

Pre-paid taxis (around £15 each way) can be used from the airport, or we can arrange a taxi for you.

For flights from the UK & Germany visit:

For domestic flights visit: Jet Airways | Spice Jet via |



For those coming from abroad, please check visa details online:


Please note that places are limited to 14.



I’ll be happily answering you. Please call me on +44 794 080 3194 or mail me to  



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