Lalita Marmeka

Lalita is on a dedicated mission to spread the joy, love, freedom and wildness that she has reclaimed in her life through shaking, dance and other conscious movement and embodiment practices with all. 

She is a Shakti Shaking facilitator, a 5Elements Dance Activations Facilitator, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic bodywork practitioner, a committed student in Conscious Connected Breathwork and Wild Woman Circles leadership.

Her journey into learning, absorbing, developing and sharing the healing arts began in 2012 when she made the choice to shed the shackles of a career and life path that was causing her misery and dis-ease, and commit to an existence that was in alignment with her true nature.

She recognises that inspiring by example is the best way to support and encourage others to realise their own personal transformations and tap in to their magnificent potential.  Her mantra is to ‘be the light’ and she considers Gratitude to be the highest spiritual practice.

She has deep respect for the inner wisdom that lies within each of us, and holds a safe, loving, playful and empowering space, which enables others to explore, express, release and flourish in their own, wonderfully unique way. 

Her dream is that we may all reclaim our freedom, reconnect with our bodies, embrace our wildness and open to love so that we can live in harmony within ourselves, with each other and with Mother Nature.