Chris Nelson, the founder of Ashiyana, has been attending Satsang meetings and retreats with Satyananda since 1999, whom he cites as the primary influence in the Ashiyana philosophy. 

Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning 'meeting in truth'.  Satsang with Satyananda starts with a silent meditation for a couple of minutes, followed by the opportunity for you to ask questions or enquire about yourself under the guidance of a Master. It is an invitation for you to experience yourself as your innermost essence and know the peace and freedom within.  Satsang with Satyananda can be something very special if it comes from a deep desire to enquire.

Satyananda has the rare gift of being able to show the deepest spiritual truth in a way each questioner understands. For those willing to go beyond words, it is a life-transforming experience. Satyananda is supported by the Satsang Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting his work. We have provided support to the Satsang Foundation in the past, and will continue to do so through the SOAR App. (This is launching in the Autumn of 2016).

We are hoping that Satyananda will be with us for a couple of weeks in the upcoming season Oct 2016 – April 2017.  Please enquire about this if you are interested. 

For more information about Satyananda:

The eternal truth and inner peace that is pointed at in Satsang may also be realised through full awareness of this moment, whatever you are doing. This is our invitation to you with all that we offer at Ashiyana.