Giving Back

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Ghandi

Ashiyana Brazil is our expression of how a business can be a force for good through creating a virtuous loop of sustainability.  We will shortly be opening Yoga Holiday bookings for Ashiyana Brazil – and the monies raised from this will go towards the completion of the building work and funding of our reforestation and social rehabilitation schemes.


We have dedicated over half of our 16Ha of land to reforestation and permaculture.  Our intention is simple.  To be as self-sufficient, and live as sustainably and harmoniously with nature, as possible.  We wish to create a positive impact on the local environment and affect lasting, positive change in Alto Paraiso.

Over the last few years we have already begun developing the 9Ha of land, making wonderful friends, gathering knowledge, seeds, plants and labour.  With the funds raised from our new retreat we will be able to continue replanting and restoring this land to its former glory – a magnificent forest rich in bio-diversity, fruitful abundance and outstanding nature. 

Cacao, avocado, pineapple, tangerine, guava, soursop, banana, papaya, carrots, lettuce – all of these and more will be grown on our land and served up in the Ashiyana Restaurant.

Our good friend Zizo, who lives on the land, is an expert in permaculture and agro-forestry, and with his help we hope to inspire many others to live in harmony with the land, teaching them that over-grazing, stripping of trees and seasonal burning creates long-term depletion of the land.


Our retreat and environmental projects will provide support and opportunity to the local community.  In particular, we are focused on assisting the integration of local men and women back into society following drug and alcohol abuse.  We are discussing with various groups from the town the best way for us to support their work.  The most likely first step is to build workshop space on our agro-forestry land.  In addition, our agro-forestry project will provide employment and financial support for the same men and women that have been rehabilitated back into society.  In turn, their labour - planting, picking and caring for the land - will enable the sale of seeds, saplings and trees, providing funds for our other social projects.

A successful community is one that recognises the value in working together to achieve goals far beyond any one individual's needs. We wish to do more than just develop a business, but contribute to a caring and supportive environment of hope, growth and healing. 

The impact of THESE PROJECTS IS wide-reaching

The work that we have done so far matters a great deal to many in the community that our project is supporting, plus will have a hugely positive impact on the local environment and less fortunate.  We have a wonderfully compassionate and energetic team at Ashiyana, and we're so grateful for all of those who have chosen to  get involved and support us so far.

We welcome your continued support, knowing that together we can create lasting, positive change in Alto Paraíso.  In fact our vision is expansive, and once we've made a success of the Brazil Project here, we'll begin to spread our efforts to other areas around the world.