Soul Immersion – Create a Healthy Mindset, Revamp Your Body and Reconnect with Soul

Are you struggling to find direction aligned with your true purpose?
Is this lack of clarity getting in the way of you living the life you really know you should be?
Does the pain that comes with knowing you're losing precious time feel overwhelming?
Is there way too much noise in your head to even make a start?

Join Alisha Hyland for a week long, 'hands on', soul adventure to transform your mindset, revitalise your body and reconnect with YOUR true soul with purpose and direction.


Alisha will weave her lifelong skills as a teacher, mentor, holistic kinesiologist, movement therapist, lover of nature, animals and the elements to help you discover the depths of your mind and soul by interpreting the body’s cries for help on an emotional level.

Discover The Art Of You

How amazing would it be if someone could help detangle your thoughts and feelings so you have a chance to feel the magic in your life again?

Magic can mean so many things, but what I refer to here is the depth of the original essence of you. The cheeky child within who knows how to PLAY naturally but who is now too busy or feels lost these days to find the time let alone remember how to play.

The magic gets lost when we are inundated with stress and over time we lose ourselves in amongst the chaos.

Does this sound like you?

Imagine a week full of self-discovery, relaxation and transformation guided by a professional helping you understand and address all the:

Mindset questions
(Who am I? How did my life end up like this?)

Body aches, pains, traumas
(Why do I keep experiencing the same old patterns? Why me? Where has this come from, what it all about?)

and Soul questions
(What’s my purpose? Where should I be heading? How do I re-find me?)

...that have been plaguing you for quite some time.

The retreat is set at your pace – it can be as deep as you want or it can scratch the surface, but just know that however you choose to ‘show up’, no matter where you are on your journey, what you will receive from this retreat will ripple out positive waves for all eternity.

Not only will you learn to understand every ounce of your mindset on retreat, you will be shown how to appreciate all of you, that includes the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ (in my work it’s called the yin and yang), find strength in being you and be guided on how to implement this in your day to day life. You will become you.

So Why Soul Immersion?

This retreat is called Soul Immersion because you not only learn, if it resonates, you become what you learn. This is what sets Soul Immersion apart from the rest.

Alisha teaches specific to those who attend and therefore the content is 100% relevant to your mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Over the week we will venture into the depths of you.

You will be guided to feel into your current situation - mind, body and soul - as a powerful means to create a life worth LOVING.

Explore the parts of yourself that you avoid every day; the judge, the critic, the tyrant, the workaholic, the loss, sadness and grief you may feel you have become, the parts holding you back from feeling ALIVE.

These limitations are there for a reason and within this retreat you will find out ‘WHY’.

Within this space of discovery, the seeds of your very own magic and endless happiness lie waiting for you.

By reconnecting on this level, even in all of its uncomfortability, the raw beauty emerges…clarity, understanding and direction, everything you have been waiting for.

As the days unfold, you will re-find the very essence of you.

You will feel into your heart and soul.

In your time.  No rush.

You will discover the Art of every ounce of your being, the parts you feel have been missing for a very long time.


With guidance and support you will learn how to clear your mindset, cope with stress and create new patterns that enhance your physical and emotional health & well-being, aligned with your unique life direction and purpose.

Engage in topics that will help you rediscover the rhythm of your own life.


You will discover how to:

  • Move through life with purpose and thrive as the person you want to be
  • ENJOY life and feel ‘alive’
  • ‘Do you’, 100% in your vibe, comfortable and courageously
  • Deal with and honour the array of emotions that flow through you every day
  • Create a loving, harmonious relationship with yourself, and in turn, with those around you

You will learn about:

  • The emotional language and manifestations of the mind and body - discover the true meaning behind those aches, pains, signs and symptoms
  • YOUR souls ‘blue print’; unique patterns, strengths and weaknesses to understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Traditional Chinese 5 elements and meridians to help you understand your mind, body and soul self with compassion
  • How the cyclic nature of all things can assist our emotional health and well-being

Topics explored:

  • The Art of Letting Go,
  • Perfectly Imperfect - How to Do You
  • Vulnerability - What’s that? The Art of being You
  • Authentically You - Self Love, Care and Expression
  • Fight and Flight - What’s really going on?
  • Feeling safe with Anger

The retreat is time away, to feel you, step into you and remember the essence of your being.

The details

Arrival – 3rd March 2019.

  • Check in from @2pm
  • Arrival Ceremony @4pm

Departure – 10th March 2019

  • Check out from 1030am



  • Daily workshops focussing on having a healthy mind and open heart.
  • The weeks theme is to understand the emotional diagnosis of your experience (whether it be physical, emotional or nutritional, learn what your body is really trying to tell you).
  • Individual focus on your souls blueprint using traditional Chinese medicine and mind body medicine as philosophy for discovery.
  • Understand the cycles – nature, humanity, our internal cycles, the seasons, our emotional world – the ebb and flow of life.
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Brunch & Dinner
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Access to filtered water and tea
  • Free Time to unwind or explore
  • Relaxation
  • Unlimited access to the beach – salt, sand and play.
  • Complimentary mind body assessment with Alisha post retreat (online/distance) – for those who pay in full.


Not included

  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Extra activities such as spa etc…

There are still spaces available for this once in a lifetime Mind, Body, Soul opportunity.

Bookings made after 6th January must be paid in full.