Urban Antidote Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat

305 €
(supplement to Yoga Holiday rate)

“Ancient Wisdom for Joyful Living”

Our philosophy at Ashiyana is that when you relax deeply, you realise your essential nature, your inner peace of being. When you perceive the outer world from this state of peace, you are not troubled or disturbed. Joyful living then follows this experience of being at ease and free of mental and physical tension.

The Programme

The key to this retreat is the creation of your own personalised programme. This will involve a consultation with one or more of our Yoga Therapists, who will listen carefully to you and guide you through your personal programme, which includes yoga classes, yoga therapy sessions, dietary suggestions, meditations and massages. Our intention is that you obtain the maximum benefit from the retreat, and also leave with a clear understanding of better lifestyle choices to support your inner peace of being.

This is an individual retreat to allow you to focus on yourself and your needs. This retreat is also suitable for anyone wishing to simply immerse themselves in the depth of yoga, since it embraces the essential teachings of yoga. 

The Urban Antidote Rejuvenation Retreat includes (each week):

 * 7 & 14 Day Programme Options

  • Meet & Greet with your Holistic Yoga Therapist and Spa Manager
  • Holistic Yoga Therapy (HYT) (1 x 120 min and 1 x 90 min)
  • Drop in Yoga Classes
  • 1 Massage (90 min)
  • Introduction to Pranayama and Meditation (1 x 60 min)
  • Thai Yoga Massage (1 x 120 min)
  • Private Sunset Meditation (1 x 60 min)
  • Ongoing monitoring and guidance throughout your stay
  • Great, healthy food
  • Any additional activities happening during your stay at Ashiyana


Our modern urban lifestyles, together with the prevailing economic circumstances, are conditioning us towards a highly pressurised way of life, which results in predictable physical and emotional outcomes – fatigue, stress, digestive problems, feeling overworked, concern about job or financial security, lack of fulfillment and uncertainty.

A recent survey showed that 60% of illness was highly induced by stress, poor breathing and deficient nutrition. Interestingly, these and most other symptoms are all caused by habits, all of which can be easily transmuted into more positive ones that will have a rapid and dramatic effect on your health and vitality.

What most of us urban dwellers need, if we are not suffering from serious illness, is to allow ourselves lots of rest, deep relaxation, and some expert guidance in healthy lifestyle habits that are suited to our individual make-up. The benefit in addressing these often deeply entrenched habits is that we experience rapid and tangible results which elicit rejuvenation and thus initiate the more subtle, inner changes that will create deep and enduring benefits. 

The Urban Antidote Rejuvenation Retreat is a 305 Euros (per week) supplement to the Yoga Holiday rate