Winter Solstice Yoga Retreat

Our week-long Yoga and Meditation Quest takes place along the enchanting shores of Goa, India.

For years, travellers seeking serenity and spiritual renewal have made their way to India's ashrams and retreat centres to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic healing. You are invited to join us on this unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a peaceful, harmonious lifestyle.

This Holiday Season, give yourself a gift that will last your entire lifetime! We will embark on this journey together to explore the simple joys and deep lessons of life. Let's meet and share this experience together as we connect with Nature, each other and the Peace and Joy in our hearts. You will leave this retreat with the tools to unlock a deeper understanding of the power you hold, the power to bring peace, contentment, and harmony into your everyday life.

The retreat consists of:

  • 4 hour hours of sunrise and sunset sessions each day
  • Time for guided writing reflections and circles for personal heart connection to deepen your journey into the pure light that you are.
  • Optional evening activities every other night: Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Self Massage and Personal Growth Activities.
  • Golden sand beaches of India will be yours to relax on and sink your feet into each day.
  • Flowing, warm, healing waters are there for your soul-soothing dips and surfs whenever you choose. Chai stalls and fabric shops colour the streets of the nearby village if you are feeling energised for more activity outside the retreat centre.

Join us in India, unwind, take a break from your day-to-day life and return to the state of harmony, peace and bliss that is your birthright.   The powerful tools that we will explore together will give you the recharge you’ve needed and align you with your highest self!

More about your guide, Anne-Lauren:

Anne-Lauren has been living and travelling India for the past 10 years and has found us the ideal location in which to pause, tune in, and reconnect with our pure nature, spirit. She came to Yoga as she began an inner and outer journey to connect with sustainable peace and deep joy. A journey many tried to say is not possible, but she kept going, following what she knew to be true in her heart. This path led her to some amazing tools, some of which she studied in depth for extended periods of time. After immersing in various cultures and exploring many ancient healing tools she has come to the understanding of what causes suffering and joy and the difference between the two. Suffering is there simply because we live in a culture that has forgotten. We have forgotten what it is to be in our truth, how to listen to our heart and live with the immeasurable joy that comes when we are in harmony with our inner and outer worlds. Through this work Anne-Lauren has touched inner peace and deep sustainable joy and can not wait to share these practices with YOU. Anne-Lauren has found the most powerful tools are Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Tai Chi, Connection with the Wisdom of Nature and Play! All of which she blends in together for an eclectic and life changing experience. She looks forward to spending a week together on the shores of India and sharing these practices that are so dear to her heart.

What is Included:

  • Eight Divine Days and Seven Tropical Nights of lodging at the Ashiyana Retreat Center
  • 4 hours of Sunrise and Sunset Yoga session on the beach or in the Treetop Yoga Shala each day
  • Fresh, local, and healthy brunch buffet served daily
  • Nightly dinners after enjoying the magic of a sunset practice
  • Yoga equipment including mats, blankets, bolsters, and straps
  • Transformative Yoga, Meditation, and Personal Bliss workshops offered throughout the week
  • Purified water and herbal or masala chai tea for your enjoyment anytime you like
  • Photos of your yoga holiday in India
  • Daily cleaning service so you can relax and let us do all the work!



Beach Cabana  (Sharing) = 950 Euros

Beach Cabana  (Single) = 1150 Euros

Eco Lodge  (Sharing) = 1150 Euros

Eco Lodge  (Single) = 1350 Euros

Luxury Accommodation = 1,600 Euros


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Beach Cabana   (Sharing) = 750 Euros

Beach Cabana  (Single) = 950 Euros

Eco Lodge  (Sharing) = 950 Euros

Eco Lodge  (Single) = 1,125 Euros

Luxury Accommodation = 1,400 Euros


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