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Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Ashiyana family with a guest blog!

Our intention is to become a platform to inspire and inform about wellness and wellbeing, thus helping to nourish the lives and lifestyles of our guests and readers. We would love to give you the opportunity to share your wisdom and passions with the world through published blog posts/articles.

Your ideas and your words will also inspire people and help to improve their lives.

We welcome and appreciate contributions from everybody - whether you are a new or established yoga teacher; a health and fitness expert; a holistic practitioner; or perhaps you are a beginner that wants to share your yoga and wellbeing journey – we want to hear from you!

We select guest post ideas based on quality and uniqueness of the content for our clients.

Our Guest Post guidelines:

Yes please!

  • Engaging content – ensure that the topics you write about are useful and beneficial for our Ashiyana guests and family.
  • Word count – the article should be around 800 to 1,000 words.
  • Originality – we can only post original articles that have not been published anywhere else. If your article has previously been published online before, you will need to reword the content and give it a new title – this ensures that Google/other search engines recognise it as unique writing.
  • Legality – please ensure that your post does not violate any copyright or other laws. This also means no plagiarising of other people’s work.
  • Visual/Imagery – please provide original images to use with your content. These must be high- res (but under 1mb). If this is not possible, we may be able to source some for you.
  • Sub-headings – in addition to the title for your article, please try to use sub-headings every 300 words or so.
  • Linking – when possible, your article should ideally include 1 or 2 links to another page of the Ashiyana website (including the homepage).
  • Connection – we can include a link back to your blog, but we also require a back-link (do-follow and in-content) to our homepage or to a landing page (a sub-page) once your article has been approved.
  • Bio – please make sure to include a short bio for yourself (100 words or less) at the end of your post. Also include a smiley bio photo and a link to your site (if applicable).
  • Tone of voice get personal! Write from the heart and share what you love – the most captivating content for a reader is where it is clear to see the passion that the writer has for the topic. Write using ‘we’ and ‘us’ as opposed to ‘you’ – this creates unity and the sense that we are all in this journey together

No thanks!

  • We do not accept posts that market or heavily promote your product or company. For sponsored opportunities you can contact us at media@ashiyana.com
  • Do not send photos that are protected by copyright
  • Please note that we do not consider guest post ideas that do not follow our guidelines, nor articles that have already published somewhere else on the web

Content Guidelines:

The topics you can write about include pretty much anything and everything in the holistic wellness realms. To help readers find content they are interested in, your article will be placed under one of the following categories. When submitting your article, please let us know which one you would like to write for:

  • Personal stories on yoga /wellness (e.g. your yoga journey; how yoga is affecting your life; your experience with Ashiyana; etc.)
  • Practical advice – tips and tricks on yoga, pranayama, meditation, etc. (e.g. how to enter an Asana; when is best to practice meditation; 10 best yoga poses for digestion / better sleep / hormone balance; etc.)
  • Yoga styles – e.g. benefits/tips on specific styles of yoga, such as acro/aerial; or yoga for specific groups (children/pregnant women); etc. 
  • Wellness and Wellbeing – e.g. how to manage stress on the workplace; how to stay healthy with a busy lifestyle; 10 reasons to have a morning ritual; the benefits of journaling; etc.
  • Diet and Nutrition – e.g. advantages of a vegetarian diet; superfoods; yummy organic recipes; etc.
  • Community and Sustainability – e.g. why we should be giving back; your support to local communities; charity work; etc.
  • Spirituality and mindfulness – e.g. shamanism; your spiritual journey; Buddhist principles on non-attachment; etc.

For our yoga TTC website we also accept articles for the following topics:

  • Yoga techniques - More technical guidelines on asanas / tutorials / alignment; etc.
  • Your TTC experience – an account of your personal journey to become a yoga teacher; your experience of the Ashiyana TTC; etc. 

How to submit your Guest Post idea

Please send an email to our editorial team at: hello@ashiyana.com

In the subject line please write Guest Post, your name and the title of your article.

In your email please:

  • Tell us briefly who you are
  • Send us your original article and photos (if available)
  • If you only have ideas of articles in mind, please outline the topics in a few bullet points and we will let you know which ones would resonate best with the Ashiyana readers
  • If your idea is selected, our editor will contact you within a few days (this might change depending on other business priorities, but we will do our best to get back to you ASAP)

We recommend that you read the other blog articles on the Ashiyana blog before submitting your idea to see if a similar article has already been published and to get an idea of our style.

Submissions that closely adhere to our guidelines are more likely to get published! By submitting a guest post to us, you acknowledge and accept the right of the Ashiyana editorial team to make any changes deemed necessary to prepare the post for publication.

Share your work with a large audience

By publishing a post with us, you get the chance to share your views and ideas with a wide range of people that could benefit from your contribution and be interested in your views/expertise.

Our website receives on average more than 25,800 page views and has 3,500 unique users every month.

We will also share it on our social pages (Facebook and Instagram) and our email user base – totaling over 15,000 users.

When published, we ask that you also share your Ashiyana blog article to your social sphere – on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – or via email to friends. The more readers your article has, the bigger traction it will receive on Google – which in turn will allow more unique visitors to also find it.

Let’s share the love and spread the good energy!