Drop-in Yoga Classes

Ashiyana is open from 1st October to 30th April.  
We are closed for the months of May-August during the monsoon season.

We run a daily programme of yoga classes and guided meditations throughout the season - open to all of our yoga holiday guests and also to ‘drop-in’ guests who stay outside of Ashiyana.

Daily Yoga and Meditation schedule:
7.00am - 7.45am: Meditation/Self Practice 
8.00am - 10.00am: Morning Yoga Class
16.00pm - 18.00pm: Afternoon Yoga Class
20.15pm - 21.15pm: Guided Meditations / Chanting / Yoga Nidra / Satsang - (activities will vary throughout the week)


(due to weather for the 1st and last weeks of the season, we may run only one class per day)

Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels, beginners through to more experienced. The classes are based on traditional Hatha Yoga, meaning that it follows a physical practice to open up the energy channels of the physical and energetic bodies as a tool to higher awareness. Our teachers will infuse the practice with their life experience (from Iyengar and Yin to Bhakti & Vinyasa) to give it their own authentic flavour. Having said that, classes will almost always include Pranayama (breath-work) and Meditation (in movement or stillness).

The following styles of yoga are generally offered throughout the season:

Ashiyana*, Vinyasa, Dynamic, Yin, Iyengar, Restorative, Flow, Jivamukti


* Ashiyana Yoga has evolved here at Ashiyana. The asanas come from classical hatha yoga and the teaching is intuitive and encourages inner-awareness. Sun salutations and standing postures are normally fairly flowing and dynamic, and the floor postures slower and deeper (yin). 


We have no bias towards any particular style of yoga and encourage you to explore and experience each class with openness.

During peak season, we may run additional classes concurrently during the morning and afternoon sessions, to accommodate a larger number of students. 


Payment options for ‘drop-in’ guests outside of Ashiyana:

(Classes are FREE to guests staying with us)

Drop-in Yoga Class              600 rupees
7-Class Pass                        3,200 rupees

The above prices include tea and filtered water in the restaurant before and after the classes.

A delicious buffet brunch and dinner are also available to our drop-in guests and can be booked at reception.

Brunch or Dinner                  600 rupees
7-Meal Pass                         3,200 rupees


We also offer a discounted 'combination pass' for those who would like to join us for a yoga class followed by a meal (morning class + brunch, or evening class + dinner).

Class & Meal                       1,000 rupees

There will be some rare occasions throughout the season where we have no 'drop-in' classes available for external guests - please contact us for more information.  During low season, we may only run evening activities on a few nights throughout the week - please check the board at reception for more information, or contact us.