Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Retreats at Ashiyana Brazil

When we say ‘Brazil Retreat’ - that is because the setting is truly retreat-like!  Our land is extremely lush, fertile and abundant in every way, and yet we’re completely hidden away.  Noise of busy humans is replaced by the otherworldly sounds of nature’s most diverse fauna, enjoying the bountiful flora.  For example, there are giant macaws (parrots), often flying in small groups of pairs, that fly across the valley creating a sound that is pterodactyl-like.

We had over 12 years of running our Goa Retreat before opening here in Brazil, and we therefore understand pretty well what it takes to hold the space for a retreat group – comfortable, stylish accommodation; lots of great food; beautiful facilities and kind, caring staff.  If you add to that our magical setting, it’s a potent recipe for a successful retreat.

Most of our retreats run for 7 days, from Sunday to Sunday.  We also offer Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings, and Yoga Holidays for those guests who prefer to be freer with their time.

Interested to host a retreat with us?

We are now taking bookings from retreat leaders for dates starting from September 2019.  Please contact to register your interest and to learn more about the retreat packages that we offer. 

We are currently offering some extremely enticing deals for the first few retreat leaders to sign up with us - contact us to request more information.

Interested to stay with us on a Retreat?

Head to our main Retreats page to find a list of retreats across both of our locations. Look out for the Brazil flag!