Yoga Pathways to Inspired Everyday Living


8:00 - 10:30am Yoga
10:00 - 12:00pm Brunch
11:30- 16:00pm Free time to relax – beach, excursions
16:00 - 18:00pm Afternoon Yoga (Wed and Friday free)
19.00pm Dinner
20.00pm Free or activity – music performance, sound gong bath, yoga documentaries/movie night/ out for dinner


  • Usually a group goes together to the Wednesday market in Anjuna and/or to Inigo’s Market on Saturday night.
  • We usually have one evening out together at a restaurant.



There are six daily morning sessions of Yoga, starting on Monday 13th Feb -18th Feb. There are four afternoon sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with Wednesday and Friday afternoons off to go to the weekly markets and other excursions.

This is a relaxed, ‘holiday-style’ retreat, but the daily yoga practice is still the focal point of our week together. The aim of this retreat is to inspire and challenge you, whatever your starting point, and to give practical experience and fresh insights into how yoga can be an integral part of your life to help you to live well, be healthy, and to be guided by your own wisdom and insight. Beginners with some basic yoga experience and reasonable fitness will be fine to come along. The week is suitable for all levels as options and modifications will be offered along with hands-on assistance.

We will start the day with a  guided Meditation session, followed by a Dynamic, Alignment-centred Flow practice. The morning classes will be pretty challenging but fun! My aim is for you to head to brunch feeling like you have really worked, but relaxed and energised.

In the afternoon sessions, we will ‘workshop’ specific alignment principles in poses and groups of poses to deepen understanding of healthy movement, to improve strength and flexibility in balance. This daily continuity of a week of practice is so helpful to improve your practice technically and master new poses, to prevent injury and learn to heal any niggling imbalances in the body.

We will integrate this more active afternoon practice with Restorative Yoga and Pranayama to wind down.  In restorative yoga, poses are held for longer and set up with the support of props to create a deep sense of release in the body (rather than passive stretching). It is a wonderfully effective healing method to release tension, experience deeper rejuvenating rest, and learn to engage in the present moment.

To set the physical practices into the wider context of yoga as a path of personal transformation, some of the ancient philosophical traditions and modern psychological insights which underpin yoga practices will be briefly presented and discussed during the week.

This retreat offers a deeper exploration of yoga, moving beyond the physical experience to integrate body, mind and heart awareness into everyday life.

  • Learn a simple morning mindfulness meditation practice, which you can practice anywhere, to develop more focus, steadiness, calm and insight;
  • Understand and improve your asana technique through targeted movement practices, adjustments and modifications;
  • Feel safe and knowledgeable enough to work skilfully at your edge. Learn the effective methodical progressions to master more challenging asanas.
  • Develop a daily physical (asana) practice that inspires and nourishes you.
  • Experience for yourself yoga as a tool to develop self-awareness and personal transformation.

Dive into some of the principal teachings of the philosophical traditions of yoga and the modern research into psychological health.