Anne-Lauren is an International Yoga Therapist and Body Worker, drawing most of her healing insights from nature and the elements. She came to Yoga as she began an inner and outer journey to connect with sustainable peace and deep joy. This path has led her to some beautiful cultures and amazing practices, some of which she studied in depth for extended periods of time. Her most effective practices are Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Tai Chi, Healing Nutrition, connecting with the Wisdom of Nature and Play.

Anne-Lauren is passionate about her work and is excited by its potential to guide us into greater balance in all areas of life.  Anne-Lauren teaches regular classes, leads retreat and is available for one to one Yoga Therapy Sessions.  She also offers different styles of relaxing or therapeutic massages and energy healing.  She looks forward to sharing the tools that will empower you to bring harmony, contentment, and joy into your daily life.