German bred and a yogic nomad since 2012, Imken works internationally as a Yoga teacher and Craniosacral therapist. Her summers are spent in Sweden, the winters in India, with regular visits to the UK, Germany and Norway.

Fuelled by many years of work as a fashion knit designer and thus often on the search for ways to destress, rebalance body & mind and to release lower back pain, Imken’s main interest lies in sharing her ongoing exploration of opening up, softening, finding ways into relaxing body and mind, and through that, finding ways to reconnect to an essentially healthy and happy self.

Imken loves to teach with a gentle, fun and heart opening approach. Always inspired by what students bring, her classes are joyful, spontaneous and creative and offer a variety of style - sometimes inspired by Sama Yoga (Harmony & Balance), Yin and Restorative, other times Kundalini and Ashtanga - always aiming at including each one in any mood, shape or condition.

With the main ingredients of fun & self-acceptance, elements of dance, tai chi, somatics, shaking, chanting and sounds - sometimes live guitar - also come into the equation. All aiming at enriching practice and facilitating entering deeper states of awareness, with the ultimate goal to let go of anything needed no longer and to make space for the new.